Our IT Solutions

At Inavante, our IT solutions reflect our commitment to advanced software development and systems integration services. Each of our solutions is customized to reflect your organization’s short- and long-term goals while reflecting your business and unique challenges as well. As a result, you’ll be left with precise, timely, and cost-efficient solutions that are bettered only through ongoing maintenance and cloud hosting services.

API Management

API Management

API management empowers your business to take control over data and the distribution process, generating additional revenue, attracting new partners, and opening the door to third-party apps in the process.

Open Source Solutions

Open Source Solutions

Open source solutions allow us to construct systems designed to support a significant number of users, all while reducing development, licensing, and maintenance costs.

Video Conference Software

Video Conference Software

Inavante’s video conference software makes use of a Flash/Flex Rich Internet Application and comes equipped with user interface components designed to enhance functionality and usability.

Web and E-Commerce Solutions

Cloud Based E-Commerce Platforms

With expertise spanning Broadleaf and Magento, two of the leading Open Source eCommerce frameworks, Inavante is the only resource you need to develop a customized platform custom-tailored for your business.

IT Solutions Engineered To Enhance Your Business

Today, advanced software development and systems integration services are essential to optimize your business for success. But if you aren’t taking advantage of the most innovative, cutting-edge answers to these needs, you aren’t doing as much as you could be for your business.

At Inavante, we’re pioneering the latest innovations in IT solutions for businesses just like yours. By focusing on your unique challenges, needs, and goals, we’re able to customize each solution to best meet your needs and ensure that you’re getting the premier tools and technologies your company needs.

By taking advantage of any of our IT solutions, you can help support your business both now and in the future, enhancing your company and setting you up on a path for growth. We’re dedicated to delivering the finest IT Solutions that allows your company to grow and develop along with ours for the duration of our partnership.

API Management

APIs represent new distribution channels for your business, opening new markets, revenue streams, and partnerships that would be otherwise impossible. And, by taking advantage of Inavante’s experienced API managers and management software, you can control your own distribution process through:

· Portal building to encourage developer discovery and collaboration on third-party apps
· Process management tools for API planning, design, and development
· API optimization through reporting and analytics
· Custom back-end development for mobile and cloud-based applications
· Secure API hosting and mediation

When you want to take control of your distribution process, contact the expert engineers here at Inavante to begin developing a custom solution just for you.

Get in touch with us today to take your business to the next level with customized IT solutions and give your business the technical dominance that it needs.

Open Source Solutions

Open Source is quickly becoming a component of modern IT solutions, particularly because these tools support large systems and can reduce development, licensing, and maintenance costs by as much as 60% when compared to traditional options.

At Inavante, we appreciate the strategic use of these solutions, helping your company save money while boosting productivity, quality, and the ability to develop the technology solutions you need more quickly than ever before possible.

If you’re interested in leveraging Open Source solutions for your business, get in touch with our team to get started on a customized solution just for you.Currently, we can implement solutions based on the follow products and services:

Open Source Products/Services:

Java: Hibernate, Spring Data, JPA, JAX-RS, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB
LAMP: Linux, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Apache, Memcache, Zend, Varnish
JavaScript: HTML5, CCS3, AngularJS, Less, jQuery, Breeze.js
WSO2 Open Source Lightweight Enterprise Middleware: SOA, ESB, OSGi, APIs, ActiveMQ
Big Data and Analytics: Cassandra, Hive, Hadoop, MongoDB
Redhat Enterprise Solutions
Liferay Portal, Alfresco
WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla CMS

Cloud and Virtual Services:

Cloud Migrations / SaaS Migrations
Development of Amazon AWS Solutions
Private / Public Cloud Hybrids
24×7 Remote Cloud Management Services
Hybrid Cloud Integration with WSO2, Dell Boomi, Apigee
OpenStack, vCloud Director, Amazon AWS, CloudFoundry, and Apache Stratos
VMware vSphere, Citrix Xenserver
Zmanda Cloud Backup Protection Manager

Microsoft Products/Services:

ASP.NET MVC,.Net Framework, MS SQL Server, WCF, JavaScript, Web Services, C#, WebForms
Active Directory
SQL Server 2005/2008
Microsoft Dynamics

Oracle Products/Services:

Oracle RAC
Oracle ERP Solutions
Oracle SOA Suite 11g
Oracle Weblogic

Every company stands to gain expertise from outside IT consultants. Get yours today by contacting us to take advantage of our custom IT solutions and give your company the upper hand you need.

Web-Based Video Conference Software

Inavante’s current user interface is a Flash/Flex Rich Internet Application, delivering an easy-to-use messaging service as well as an independent platform.

Currently, our user interface includes the following components, all of which can help streamline your business and keep you moving forward in a real-time environment:

  • Attendee Video Players
  • Attendee Video Recorder
  • Audience List
  • Chat
  • Control Bar (Activate Features)
  • Customizable Header / Background
  • Document / Image Viewer
  • Interactive Event Ticker
  • Login Screen
  • Polling
  • Video player for video content and desktop sharing (one way)
  • Whiteboard

Video conference software can easily revolutionize the way you do business. Get started by contacting our team to get your own web conference software to make your business more efficient and organized.

Cloud-Based eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce success is as much about the front-end user experience as it is about the back-end organization. That’s why at Inavante, we comprehensively care for your needs through development, integration, customization, and testing in the following areas:

  • B2B and B2C eCommerce
  • Order Management
  • Online Merchandising and Sales
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Web Content Management
  • User Experience Design
  • Mobile Solutions and Cross Device User Experience
  • Ongoing Cloud Hosting and Support

Currently, all of our customized eCommerce platforms are premised on a Broadleaf Open Source framework, allowing us to implement standard features to meet all of your company’s needs while saving you 60% off of traditional closed-source vendor costs:

  • Web Content Management
  • Mobile Solutions
  • On-Site Search
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Product Content Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Shopping Cart and Check Out
  • Order Management
  • Recommendations Engine

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our eCommerce expertise, schedule a meeting to discuss how we can best serve your needs and take your business to the next level.